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Michelle Alexander (Remix) f/ Bavu Blakes, IQ, Greezo, and D​.​O​.​S.

by Third Root

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Hip Hop Grew Up presents "Michelle Alexander (Remix)"

Even though some of the content of this remix speaks critically to current events, the ideas and conversations that went into producing and writing this song took place before the Ferguson, Garner, and Brooklyn tragedies. The insight of the poets involved is honest, revolutionary, and seemingly prophetic.

This remix is a FREE download. The original version of "Michelle Alexander" was inspired by Alexander's book "The New Jim Crow" and appears on Third Root and Greg G's 2014 album Revolutionary Theme Music.

Artwork by TOSIN


Intro: Michelle Alexander interview clip 1

Easy Lee: if I told u prison numbers you would think I was lying / but no Pinocchio I'm rebel I was born to collide / with the stars & the stripes / burning like Bob every night / pick up a gun or a mic / I picked up Tyson I fight / vicious the message might bite / stitches and ice get you right / called up some righteous emcees to bounce ideas and co-write / then do like Johnny Cash in Folsom spit this song in the pen / right where they piling us in / yea yea we at it again / the remix

Hook: they want you locked up / so pay attention where you shop, where you cop and where you drop off / they want you locked up / Ridin’ Dirty was a classic but be smarter out in traffic these days / locked up / so pay attention where you shop, where you cop and where you drop off / they want you locked up / locked up / they want us locked up

Bavu Blakes: they want you Akon'd / can't get away unless you some kinda McGyver / maybe liver like a James Bond / nonfiction genre / felons write memoirs / autobiography in rap form -- prison bars / flamboyant as Rick Ross blowin' freely / set up for free labor where my baby can barely see me / my lady can rarely see me on their handheld device / look how I've handled my life / look now they handed me life / my appeal ain’t appealing since my paper disappeared / wood without veneer I want jury to hear / how they flippin' government cash / turning coloreds to billions of buckets abundant with cash / callin’ it caste / callin’ it class / callin’ by race ethnic and socio-economics so toxic with waste, wait … / one with the bass the bottom / poor in the pocket rich with potential and faith … Blakes

IQ: I can’t help it I’m a hopeless romantic / man I sleep with my money / it broke my world when them people was taking it from me / what about my girl I call her daddy’s world I promise I’ll be faithful / fuck the world let my case prevail I promise I’ll be grateful / I know more felons than fathers / I see more jackas than jobs / what’s with these laws just trying to get what was ours / what about the RICO what about the feds / what about the crooked cops that keep spraying / what about the dead what am I saying / why they never make the bed that they lay in … Jim Crow


Greezo: I see the crooked cops and politicians politicking / scheming see they dreaming just to keep us all locked up in prison / I got a proposition my proposal isn’t normal treat em like they treat us cuz my nigga fuck being cordial / I inherited skin color like Harriet / black and arrogant / them crackers say that’s the very end / Miranda rights ain’t read somehow they bury it / red and blue lights keep flashing behind my chariot

MexStep: we’re still making less and we’re still losing cases / black and brown natives face mass incarceration / from racial profiling car truck or SUV / targeting the young dark skinned human beings / searching person vehicle and property / ask for name and ID then sold into slavery / no vote no voice / felon on release / blocked by institutions / hunted by police

D.O.S.: hard times duckin the rollers / but we ain’t have no quarters man we wasn’t even holding / just posted on a Sunday afternoon playing tunes when / we got scolded by some uniformed goons / was told to freeze / stop and frisk / they rough you up if you resist / wrong move will have a young brother on the news / and it’s fatal / they label us criminal since prenatal / stay locking us away let’s do society a favor


Michelle Alexander interview clip 2



released December 23, 2014
Produced and Mixed by Greg G for Golden Productions (Harlem, NY)
Mastered by Art Roebuck for HNS Production (Smyrna, GA)
Saxophone by Eric Thomas (Atlanta, GA)
Recorded in San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, and Atlanta, GA



all rights reserved



Third Root San Antonio, Texas

Third Root is a Hip-Hop project that consists of Charles Peters (Easy Lee), Marco Cervantes (Mexican StepGrandfather), and DJ Chicken George (DJCG). Peters is an accomplished poet/author/MC & educator. Cervantes is a producer/MC/Ph.D. who teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DJCG is a world renowned DJ, musicologist, designer and Jazztronica! Peddler. ... more

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