Michelle Alexander [Prod. Greg G]

by Third Root

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Inspired by the Best-Selling book "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander. From the forthcoming Third Root and Greg G album "Revolutionary Theme Music"



Michelle Alexander (interview snippet): Law enforcement in the United States / thanks largely to the war on drugs / routinely targets people of color / often living in ghetto areas for stops and searches / typically in a futile attempt to find drugs

MexStep: New Jim Crow Same old tactics / updated strategies in the hood practiced / from 80s crack days and Reaganomics / to 90s, 2000s still on it / in your neighborhood searching automobiles / flashing lights, looking for drugs and weapons concealed / dehumanizing colonization at work / poor youth up at night questioning self-worth / classroom pushing bodies out the system / courthouse pushing bodies into prison / no vote or political representation / civil rights stripped through marijuana cases / its all connected like the message that flash brung you / It's like a jungle; no where to run to / court date, drug sentence, probation / money, time set back; next case

Michelle Alexander (interview snippet): The drug war has been waged almost exclusively in ghetto communities / resulting in racial under caste of black and brown folks who are poor

Easy Lee: Reporting live from the land of trill / scholar emcees / I build with scholar OGs / talking notes from the chapters of the books that we read books that we read / food for the children we feed / children in need / love in the future but greed / and hate leads leaders to corruption of state / contortion of laws / twisted till we're all behind bars / filthy dirty Selma remember the South / remember the wars / blood shed / we carry the scars / we carry the cross / churches bombed innocence lost / nothing is gained when bigots write the rules of the game / lame rappers don't pertain / we came to engage / the c.i.a. is watching when we enter the stage / Frankie can't help you when you trapped in the maze / of this new Jim crow / if you black or you brown / educate yourself bout how this [edit] go down

Michelle Alexander (interview snippet): The drug war is responsible for millions of people of color / ... as felons / relegating them to a permanent second class status for life

MexStep: Black and Latino arrest and execution / all in the name of the drug distribution / from the education pipeline; to the street grind / doin time; its a government crime / to neglect the oppressed and subjugated / exploited, marginalized, frustrated / ballet or the bullet it's applicable / to fight the system knowledge is critical

Easy Lee: Knowledge is critical / the journey is spiritual / revolution is physical / fathers' and brothers' and others' pain is visible


released 11 March 2014
Produced & Mixed by Greg G for Golden Productions
Written by MexStep & Easy Lee (of Mojoe)
Scratches by DJ Chicken George
Recorded by Anthony Diaz Deleon at Hollywood Studios [SATX]
Mastered by Art Roebuck for HNS Productions
Graphic Design: Tosin
Illustration: Gary Bedard (garybedard.brushd.com)


Booking: thirdroot210@gmail.com
Management: Lasana Hotep lasanahotep@gmail.com



all rights reserved


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Third Root San Antonio, Texas

Third Root is a HipHop project that consists of Charles Peters (Easy Lee of MoJoe), Marco Cervantes (Mexican StepGrandfather), and the legendary DJ Chicken George. Peters is an accomplished poet/author/MC, and Cervantes is a producer/MC/Ph.D. who teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio. ... more

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